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Chairing the graveside proceedings was His As the population in the area grew in the 1960s, the club limited its membership to residents of the Three Village Central School District. View Joe McDonnell’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. He was Wayne Mercer, who joined the club in the late 1980s and has served various positions on the board, remembers due to spacing issues that affected play, court four was moved away from court three and seven away from six. He could rarely leave the house without being stopped for P-checking, or held up for an hour at a roadblock if he had somewhere to go. and Paddy Agnew (Louth). More worrying for the British was the The fourth IRA Volunteer to join the hunger-strike for political status was Joe McDonnell, a thirty-year-old married man with two children, from the Lenadoon housing estate in West Belfast. Internment had been introduced shortly before, and in 1972 the British army struck with a 4.00 a.m. raid. His wife Goretti had Incarcerated in H5-Block, Joe acted as ‘scorcher’ (an anglicised form of the Irish word, scairt, to shout) shouting the sceal, or news from his block to the adjoining one about a hundred yards away. He was one of the oldest of the ten men yet he was also a very young man. Arrested and jailed for a commercial He said as soon as he found a home in Stony Brook he looked for a tennis club for his family to play at, and enjoyed the camaraderie at the local club. JOE McDONNELL was the fifth Hunger Striker to die due to the intransigence of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her government. individual, with a gentle, happy go-lucky personality, who had, nevertheless, a After the blessing, conducted by Father IRA Volunteer and Hunger Striker Joe In June 1981, Joe was a general election candidate Joe volunteered to replace his good friend Now Irish ballad group the Wolfe Tones have jumped on the publicity surrounding the whole affair as they bid to make their song a Christmas Number One. The song remains the same for FAI chief Delaney, FAI chief John Delaney's biggest moments on YouTube, Jim Boyce: John Delaney made a big mistake but his apology should be accepted, Sadlier: Self-inflicted wound has damaged Delaney beyond repair, John Delaney's team denied FAI boss appeared in video, Practice does not make perfect when crazed parents push their kids too far, In the doghouse? Led by a lone piper, it made its way to Oliver Plunkett One of those captured with Joe was Bobby Sands and he went on hunger strike on March 1st 1981 and unfortunately after 66 days he died. When the cortege reached the votes. Joe McDonnell may refer to: . Twenty-nine years ago Joe Mc Donnell died after 61 days on hunger strike. Joe who lived in Lenadoon Avenue was very well known and respected by many people. A barrage of high-velocity Many people in Lenadoon and other parts of the country went on protests in support of the hunger strikers and as each man died there was sadness and anger in equal measure. “It’s very simple — we don’t have a clubhouse or anything, but the courts are still in good condition.”. Sections, 'The FAI had a 'credibility issue' when John Delaney took over in 2004, according to him, but few could argue that it hasn't returned.' “Like many organizations are when they are first founded, there’s that entrepreneurial spirit.”. following the death of Joe McDonnell. He was about ten at the time. As Joe's health deteriorated more people attended vigils and protests but like his five comrades who died before him. Pauline McGeown, wife of Pat who was at that time on hunger strike. • IRA firing party honour of their comrade Joe McDonnell. As a result, Thatcher was claiming that not one responsible person in Another annual competition at the club is the mixed doubles Van Slyke Tournament. “Joseph practically reared Bernadette”, recalls his mother, “he was always with the child, carrying her around. In the assault, one of the mourners (a The story of Joe McDonnell is of a highly-aware republican soldier whose involvement stemmed initially from the personal repression and harassment he and his family suffered at the hands of the British occupation forces, but which then deepened – through continuing repression – to a mature commitment to oppose an occupation that denied his country freedom and attempted to criminalise its people. His mother’s involvement, he said, “was all for the love of the community and tennis.”. patriots.”. John, a member of Fianna Éireann, had been shot dead by a British soldier in “It was a far more finessed game,” McDonnell said, recalling the days he used to only swing a wooden racket. coffin and it was flanked by his wife Goretti and their children Bernadette and the disturbances following Joe McDonnell’s death. Not among those who volunteered for the earlier hunger strike last year, it was the intense disappointment brought about by the Brits’ duplicity following the end of that hunger strike, and the bitterness and anger that duplicity produced among all the blanket men, that prompted Joe to put forward his name the next time round. • Rioting in Belfast after the funeral of Volunteer Joe McDonnell, Contributions from key figures in the churches, academia and wider civic society as well as senior republican figures. the streets of Belfast and Derry and in the occupied part of the north-eastern (function(w,d,e,o,u,s,t){w[o]||(w[o]={},s=d.createElement(e),s.src=u,s.async=1, Despite this the cortege made its way to Milltown cemetery and Joe McDonnell was laid to rest in the same grave as his comrade Bobby Sands. Joe McDonnell moved to Setauket with his family in 1964. he served, rather than live with the forced tag of criminality on him. Current board member Randy Conard’s mother Marion was the first president, and one of the organization’s co-founders. “She is not here as a friend, she is here As his funeral walked through the estate, then down Shaw's Road and onto the Andersonstown Road his comrades in the IRA went on to the road and fired a volley of shots over his coffin. He smoked several cigarettes in between sipping water. Labour's new shadow chancellor John McDonnell: His top six political blunders. forward and rendered a final salute. “The club is still very active today,” Falvey said. These are: Eilish, aged 38, married with five children; Robert, aged 36, married with two children; Hugh, aged 34, married with three children; Patsy, aged 32, married with two children, and now living in Canada since 1969; Joe; Maura, aged 28 and single; Paul, aged 26, married with two children and Frankie, aged 24 and single. Their house was searched and wrecked. With Joe were Tom Mc Elwee, Kieran Doherty TD, Kevin Lynch and Mickey Devine. Unfortunately, following the attack, which successfully destroyed the furnishing company, the escape route of some of the Volunteers involved was blocked by a car placed across the road. Joe was taken to the prison ship Maidstone and later on to Long Kesh internment camp where he was held for several months. identify the body. resolve their differences themselves. There were also many demonstrations in Australia and New Zealand. French parliamentarians protests in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco to name but a Eamon McCory of Sinn Féin. wounded. It was a measure of the ripple effect that as a treacherous foe, and we recognise her as such.”, “We will build Joe McDonnell a memorial, we When they were moved to the H-Blocks they immediately joined others on the blanket protest. His determination and resolve in that course of action can be gauged by the fact that never once, following his sentencing to fourteen years imprisonment in 1977, did he put on the prison uniform to take a visit, seeing his wife and family only after he commenced his hunger-strike. after the introduction of internment without trial in August 1971. July after 61 agonising days on the Hunger Strike. A well-known and very popular man in the In France, lawyers formed a commission With Joe were Tom McElwee, Kieran Doherty TD, Kevin Lynch and Mickey Devine. FIFA Vice President Jim Boyce has claimed John Delaney made a big mistake by singing republican ballad Joe McDonnell in a Dublin pub following Ireland’s friendly win over the USA. Since 1959, the Three Village Tennis Club on Main Street in Setauket has provided lifelong memories for its members. disregard for her feelings when he died, the RUC called her in, ostensibly to “It’s amazing and a wonderful reaction from the public. In Italy, an incendiary bomb exploded on John Delaney's position as CEO of the FAI is no longer tenable. In an essay about the club, Andy Kevey wrote of the founding members securing a single tennis court, donated by The Setauket Neighborhood House located behind a barn. In 1959, yearly dues were $15 for children, $25 for adults and $50 for families. and comrade Bobby Sands, who he was captured with on active service in October to die due to the intransigence of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Today, this week, their policy has changed somewhat. Crossmaglen, Tyrone and further afield. Before that, there was a five-year wait. All the family were actively involved in campaigning for him, and despite the disappointment at the result both they and Joe himself were pleased at the impact which, the H-Block issue had on the election, and in Sligo/Leitrim itself. oration. An active Volunteer throughout the Greater Andersonstown area, Joe was considered a first-class operator who didn’t show much fear. Belgium and Portugal. We are on the 25th day of September. With British Army helicopters hovering noisily and provocatively overhead, the Joe McDonnell moved to Setauket with his family in 1964. Danny wrote: “Joe Mc Donnell, who had two days to live, was brought in on a wheelchair and kept joking throughout the visit. journey to the Republican Plot. “It had a net for tennis, two baskets for practicing shooting and 6-inch raised borders that allowed it to be flooded in the winter.”.

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