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They have raised over £2.5m VC investment. The huge growth of Space data is outstripping improvements in conventional processing platforms such as CPUs and GPUs. “That will show that the UK is serious about space,” says Baldwin. But while many people have been celebrating the exploits of British astronaut Tim Peake and the triumphant return of Star Wars, what’s happening just below the surface is arguably more exciting. GSI transforms the raw images from satellite, drone-based LiDAR and other data sets into advanced asset analytics and builds contextual views of natural assets to quantify their performance, health, yield and value, making these natural assets more investable and better managed. This information can assist institutions and companies to better manage their land- based assets such as forestry, agriculture, water, minerals and man-made infrastructures. NB: Campus North will be closing at the end of December 2018. Launched in 2003, The Office Group (TOG) was a pioneer of the shared workspace in the UK. This capability is relevant for areas such as high-speed data analytics, network processing, security functions and low power processing for IoT and has developed a core platform allowing the acceleration of key compute demands with such FPGA technology by for the first time making it readily accessible to engineers. Twitter | Contact, One in three Brits would go into business with their family, says Barclays, Equal rights: how diversifying your staff can improve your bottomline. The space also features chill out areas with ping pong and pool tables, not to mention a 100-inch cinema and gaming screen. The most affordable full-time membership package offered by DoES Liverpool enables flexible, drop-in hot desking. Whether it's an air taxi or drone-style flying cars for commercial and personal transportation, the future is upon us. They come from from the US, Denmark and the UK. With locations across the world, WeWork is a global network of unique, sleek and colourful workspaces for both solopreneurs and businesses of all sizes. “What Harwell offers is the ecosystem to actually accelerate that contact between small and large organisations,” says Dr Barbara Ghinelli, business development director for the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) at Harwell Campus. Selling precision farming-as-a-service, Earth Rover’s initial target market is the £1.7bn labour-intensive organic vegetable production market in Europe where it hopes to save farmers £1,500 per hectare p.a. The Clubhouse also runs regular events, workshops and talks with speakers from top companies. With companies launching ‘mega constellations’ of small satellites, outer space could soon find itself clogged up with even more debris. A relatively new form of integrated circuit known as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) – designed to be configured after manufacturing by a customer using software – are capable of the hardware acceleration needed to address these issues. Bringing emotional intelligence together with deep learning, machine learning and satellite imagery, it can identify how people in a particular place are feeling at any time of the day, while also providing data on transport infrastructure and trends such as crime rates. With every space custom-built, WeWork aims to “humanize work”; providing comfort and visual stimulation in a space where business owners can help one another and grow together. Workspace’s office designs are clean and bright, and its prices are all-inclusive, meaning members can use office facilities and meeting rooms without worrying about additional costs. This eliminates the $500k fuelling cost and provides twice the propulsion for half the price. Utilising its global network, TechHub provides a hands-on support programme; helping members gain social media and press exposure, showcase their products, and meet investors, industry figures and mentors. Global Surface Intelligence (GSI) is one of a handful of companies around the world with access to a satellite database that effectively maps the changing behaviour of the world’s resources. Luckily, recent years have seen an astronomical rise in the popularity of cheaper, shared, open-plan workspaces. Uniquely, OpenSpace is run as a co-operative, meaning everything is managed and maintained by a number of the members themselves. KisanHub Startup loans can be a great option. Tesseract builds satellite propulsion systems that use non toxic propellants, have dramatically better performance, and lower cost than existing options. In a unique twist for a coworking company, instead of owning its own spaces Haus partners with hotels, restaurants and cafes in prime London locations. Price range: £200 to £299 (plus VAT) per month. “Space is becoming more privatised and much smaller things are being put into orbit,” says Joyeeta Das, co-founder and CEO of Gyana, the space-technology company. Location: London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and Leeds. “Space can and does support so many other sectors; things like agriculture or financial services,” says Colin Baldwin, UK Space Gateway programme manager at the UK Space Agency. But that’s not to say the best innovations are all emerging from the southern reaches of the UK. We are responsible for all strategic decisions on the UK civil space programme and provide a clear, single voice for UK space ambitions. Rainmaking Loft’s membership is all-inclusive, and provides access to a permanent desk. Alongside this, it offers training and networking events and the Founders’ Programme, which puts entrepreneurs together to solve their biggest problems. “That was really important because as a startup, you need to access people with experience who will help you succeed,” says Guillo. KisanHub sources data via hardware and imagery partnerships, including one with satellite imagery provider Planet Labs. ‘It’s really about making this imagery a part of your life.”. If you need more help with finding a great workspace option for you, try filling in the form at the top of this page – you’ll receive tailored options and quotes from coworking spaces that are able to provide what you need. Boost your business by joining UKspace and taking an active part in the UK space community which is a leading player in the global space arena. Located in the heart of Oxfordshire – and home to the UK Space Agency – the campus is connecting academics and startups with established players in a bid to drive the sector towards its £40bn target. Set up by Rainmaking, Rainmaking Loft is a workspace in London’s tranquil St. Katharine Docks which helps technology start-ups to grow. “That means we’re seeing smaller missions, more aggressive timeframes and a willingness to embrace innovative, risky technology.”, This transformation has not gone unnoticed by the British government, which is looking to more than treble the size of the UK’s space sector to £40bn by 2030. From its environmentally-friendly office to its member-run educational and social community events, this ethos is evident in all TMP does. Le Bureau’s most affordable membership provides you with 24-seven access to your own standard-sized desk. Initial field trials are planned for the current growing season with one of the UK’s largest organic farms. “That’s essentially making it much easier for small and medium-sized businesses to participate.”, It’s certainly a far cry from the days when space was seen as the preserve of national governments.

The Prophecy (1995), Kassim Osgood Net Worth, Saturn V, Chopsticks Menu, Tressa Octopath, Morgan De Toi Canada,