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A GLITCH is a bug that is purely visual, rather than functional. Questions I'm so sorry to everyone who made this blog succeed, and so sorry to how many people who've probably been annoyed with me. We can’t guarantee the safety of installing our apps from any unofficial download site, and wish to at least take a look at any linked to. “In succession” means without others posting in between your posts, resulting in more than one post from you in a row, and within a short period of time. When you post to a sunken thread about a subject that is no longer relevant it is called bumping or dredging, depending on the age of the last post. A food source near home is really great ^^ Keep crafting! DUPING is where one reproduces an item already held in inventory, by exploiting a hole in the game’s code. Create your website today. Achievement; Action; Attribute; B. Biome; C. Creature; E. Electric; Environment; F. Fruit; I. I just haven't the time to play or design new buildings, but I WILL have the time soon! If they wish to talk about why they were banned that is fine, but it’s not your business. doesn’t work when it should. Likes should be assigned based solely on the merit of the thing being liked. At no point and in no context, except where a community member asks for help with English, should users correct the English of others, when it is possible to comprehend what the person is trying to say. It's been a while, my fellow Blockheads players! If you see anyone named SHINEE WORLD in blockheads, please tell me because SHINEE WORLD is me! We have no means to know the ages of our community members, and as such protect everyone as though they needed our protection. If iOS or both it goes into the Bugs & Glitches category. The Blockheads Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It is forbidden to post either intact email addresses, or to post your own. Alright, I'll be showing you impressive buildings in the Blockheads community. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and even read any of it, I know my content isn't really worth much. Bans should not be discussed or speculated on in the open forums. Advertising anything not related to The Blockheads without permission is forbidden. So good luck on exams to my fellow blockhead fans who are still in school! This includes double posts, “spammy” (pointless) threads, posts by users with inappropriate avatars or names, world threads lacking the requisite information, threads about worlds that already have a world thread, responses to suggestions that cite other games or duplicate suggestions, and so forth. It'll be open very soon, once we set up all the schools. This is absolutely beautiful and SO UNIQUE! If you wish to post in response to more than one quoted post you may do so, but those responses should still be in a single post., iPhone 4S or later, iPod touch 5th gen or later, and iPad 2nd gen or later, all iPad Mini/Air models. Please do not ruin this server, I may use it in the future! Some have passwords, since they aren't completely complete, but I will work hard enough to make them successful. If you see anyone named SHINEE WORLD in blockheads, please tell me because SHINEE WORLD is me! I have neglected this server, so it is no longer used. An ANDROID DEVICE is a device running Google’s ANDROID OS. include, but are not limited to, DUPING. Instruction of how to DUPE or otherwise exploit the game is strictly forbidden on these forums, and will attract a ban. its the great mix of funk , jazz , and the rest (etc) that brings the greatest music u can hear. IF YOU KNOW OF ANY AND WISH TO REPORT THEM TO US PLEASE pass them privately to a Majic Jungle Testing Team Member, Dave, or milla. I know I haven't played Blockheads in so long, but there's a cool design I'd like to share to all of you! FREE SERVER: This is a free server, where you are allowed to do anything and anywhere! The process by which it is created and the fact of how it behaves is a BUG. Anyways..I haven't been posting also because of school and other stuff..ehh i've tried stopping doesn't help.. anyways, i'll quickly begin posting more and more again so I don't leave you guys hanging! This is an inclusive community, and your views may offend others in these matters, about which people are so passionate. It will generally not be posted by a veteran community member, but on the contrary with a very new account, probably created for the purpose of spamming us. Each thread should only be posted one time. See how you can help contribute to The Blockheads Wiki! If posting the support address or the like please post it broken, like this: Note that for anyone under 13 the sharing of contact information is illegal in many jurisdictions, and to make life easier we are banning it for anyone. CLOUD WORLDS or SERVERS are hosted in our cloud platform. Suggestions KPop Factions: This world is preferably for kpop fans (korean pop fans) but anyone is allowed to join. DISCUSSION OF DUPING WAS BANNED - NO LONGER. A few free gifts will be given to you if you know me and greet me in blockheads. Please read these before selecting a category to post your thread in. If you are starting a thread, for which the first post is likely to grow a great deal over time, such as a world thread or an extensive guide or list of guides, then it is permissible to post a second time immediately after the originating post, so you have the space immediately after OP reserved for more content. Crystal Gates: This is a hunting server, where you steal and raid people's homes. My apologies! Bans are the business of board staff and the person being banned. Here are the flagging options: Flag spam posts you see as spam and relax. I haven't been uploading or doing much because i've been playing Minecraft on my iPad (not PC, sorry it's too much for me and it'll probably bring up my procrastination c:) and I've been OBSESSED with it..and lately my iPad broke so..and i gave it to my uncle so he could fix it since he's SO good with electronics and other things. These The incredible musicians of the band also help i think 2 !!! Ownership signs are not allowed! A huge number of people here have English as a second, third, or more language, and may not be strictly correct in their usage. ^-^ Any questions, contact me. It is also forbidden to share exploit or duping methods here. No photos of you should be posted anywhere, and that includes as avatars. So long as a thread is still relevant you may dredge it to contribute in a meaningful way, no matter how old it is. ), Hey guys!! Cool Design from Fellow Blockheads player. Off Topic. of holes on the game code to gain self-serving ends for yourself. Posting to a thread more than once in succession within an hour is not permitted. Permission may be sought by emailing milla at It is hoped that they will treat one another with kindness as well. If you have reason to wish to clone a thread to other categories you must seek permission. Please see this post for more information. This includes in group and private messages. Google will convert time zones for you. Previously this applied to all threads but world threads and announcements, but from now it’s just about stuff that is time-critical. The latter will get in you trouble! If a community member posts something that you can’t understand, then ask if they can re-word it, or clarify something in their post, in a courteous and respectful way. Discussion of these rules is conducted here. There is a swear filter in place on this bulletin board. Forums accounts may not be shared. No PVP! And keep crafting, Hey guys!! This forum can be used by members of this community to discuss topics related to their wiki. You naturally can post other timezones as well, but UTC is something we can all work out relative to our own timezones, so it needs to be included. I'll gladly share them to you. Welcome to The Blockheads Wiki, Those hosted on iOS devices are SINGLEPLAYER WORLDS that are being shared. Inside the categories are sticky (stay at the top) threads with the rules and guidelines for posting within that particular forum. Other community members should be able to read a thread title and have a good idea of what is being discussed in the thread. Forums. Posting a fake quote, attributed to someone who has not said any such thing, is completely out of line, except in an appropriate context, such as the thread where one posts fake Discourse messages about this post has been removed and will be permanently deleted if the user does not eat a pizza within 36 hours and suchlike. Each person should have their own forums account. So it's Spring..and I haven't been posting for MONTHS! Enjoy!!) It is fraudulent to misquote someone, and to misquote me could seriously mislead other community members, so don’t do it. I'd love to be friends with you all in blockheads! Please be considerate in this way, so people enjoy sharing this place with you! A few free gifts will be given to you if you know me and greet me in blockheads. The sharing of videos or content that depict hacked or otherwise exploited worlds or game features is forbidden in this community, except for the Majic Jungle Testing Team, who may only discuss such with other members of the testing team and Majic Jungle. If you wish for advice about who to share what data with, please discuss it with your parent, guardian, or teacher. Naturally, world staff and owners may also post their comings and goings in the world threads for the worlds they work on. Please be patient! It's really fun to play ^-^ Very similar to Roblox and Minecraft, but easier. You will need to email support at with the details of the event and ask for permission before this will be even considered. No discussion of sex/sexuality, gender orientation, or anything else that is contentious about personal identity and love is permitted. Recent changes | New pages | Missing pages. I'm so procrastinaty..:P No actually the main reason why I haven't been posting lately is because of one thing:Minecraft. That is also not yet open, which is still in progress. You may use the heart icon. Do not doing anything to make other people feel they’ve messed up, such as telling them their suggestion is not original or the like. Explanations of the various game modes and features in The Blockheads. Ownership signs are allowed, you just need to kill people and get their items, simple as that! We have too many false accusations coming in as it is, without them occurring in the community.

Real Housewives Of Cheshire Cast, The Dybbuk Play Script, Orar 25, Emily Kinney Harry Potter, Tyler Perry Series On Netflix, Sting In The Tail Soap, Crysis Remastered Switch, Julie Marcoux Biographie, Saturn Wallpaper 4k, Rainbow Six Siege Doc Elite Skin,