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[84] Asuka is emotionally dependent on Kaji, since she has a strong subconscious desire to find a reference figure to rely on. Asuka's surname comes from the Japanese World War II aircraft carrier Soryu, her middle name from the American World War II aircraft carrier Langley, and her Rebuild surname from the Japanese World War II destroyer Shikinami. Training: Drama & Theatre Studies-Trinity College Dublin, 4 years B.A Hons (2005-2009), Eric Weitz’ Acting Programme, 2 year course (2007-2009), Speech and Drama (Royal Irish Academy of Music and Drama). [66] Shortly thereafter, Rei helps her during the fight against Arael, an act that destroys her already wounded pride. [11][12] Hoping that her selection could cause her mother to recognize her again, she excitedly runs to her room to announce the news, only to find her corpse hanging from the ceiling. [15] Recognizing this event as a good chance to demonstrate her skills, Asuka independently decides to activate her Eva, coercing Shinji into joining her in the entry plug. [76][77] Asuka's excessive pride prevents her from admitting—even to herself—that she feels something for Shinji,[78][79] and as events and battles progress her feelings of love and hate intensify and dominate her. [89] In the last episodes, Asuka completely loses her self-confidence. I mean, she wants to have friends and she wants to be liked". After her mother's mental illness she represses her sadness and eventually decides to not cry anymore and behave like an adult with a reaction formation. The events in this manga series mirror those of the anime with some divergences apparent. However, in Super Robot Wars Alpha, Asuka jealously seizes a bouquet of roses from Shinji meant for Lynn Minmay. She develops a deep disgust toward herself and suffers from separation anxiety. She piloted Ava-1 to intercept the Angel possessed Starscream calling himself Angel-scream, her Ava was scanned by the Autobot leader Optimus Prime and he gains her Ava's size and colors, she with the help of Optimus Prime and the other Autobots defeat Angel-scream[30], Asuka is an energetic,[31] proud[32][33] and enterprising[34] girl with a resolute character. Shinji is furious at this rejection, and lashes out by choking her. [64][65] In a scene from the 22nd episode Rei confesses to be ready to die for commander Gendō Ikari, provoking Asuka's anger, who slaps her and confesses to having hated her from the first moment they met. [26] Seeing Asuka's destroyed Evangelion makes Shinji go into a frenzy, which eventually culminates in him starting Third Impact. [39] Her abrupt and impulsive ways often arouse other people antipathy, since they do not fully understand her real intentions. Most of these portray Asuka as Shinji's childhood friend, similarly to the alternative universe from episode 26, and have her fight for Shinji's attentions with other characters, mainly Rei. Shikinami arrives in Tokyo-3 defeating the 7th Angel by herself with ease. [43] Her ostentatious competitiveness actually originates from her tragic childhood experience, marked by the mental illness and consequent suicide of her mother Kyōko. [74][75] Due to their intimate fragility and insecurities Shinji and Asuka are unable to effectively communicate with one another on an emotional level, despite their mutual latent interest. [56][57] After she learns of Kaji's death[58] she questions the meaning of her life and her identity,[59] avoiding any kind of human contact and never meeting the gaze of other people. [9] She is the daughter of Dr. Sōryū Kyōko Zeppelin, an employee of a research center named Gehirn. !クエスト』で「エヴァンゲリオン」コラボを開始! 「葛城ミサト」役・三石琴乃さんナレーションのテレビCMも放映中", "Rei, Asuka VAs Confirmed, Angel-Themed Villain Revealed for Shinkalion's Giant Eva Episode", "Evangelion 2.22, 1.11 Rank #1, #2 on Weekly BD Chart", "エヴァ芸人・稲垣早希が蜷川実花撮り下ろしで初写真集 ~衣装を脱いだ"素顔"も公開", "Taiwanese Politician Campaigned as Evangelion's Asuka", The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917 – Revised & Expanded Edition, "Heroes of the Storm skins reveal a love for classic anime", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Asuka_Langley_Soryu&oldid=982964386, Fictional Japanese people in anime and manga, Female soldier and warrior characters in anime and manga, Fictional characters with post-traumatic stress disorder, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Just to let you know, Asuka wasn't the most open-hearted character I've met. [5][6] Much later, she stated that work on the series was "very hard" and that at times she had "wanted to erase Evangelion. Anime Reviews, who found Neon Genesis Evangelion characterization "a little cliché, or just plain irritating at times", despised Asuka for her arrogant attitude. [37][38] Although she normally shows a stubborn and exuberant attitude, in some moments she exhibits a kinder, more sensitive and caring side. Unit-03 is taken over by the 9th Angel, and Shinji refuses to engage it. Asuka is a potential romantic option in all Evangelion videogames that include such an option, such as Girlfriend of Steel 2nd and Shinji Ikari Raising Project, often, but not always, alongside Rei and other characters. Stephanie is an Actor/Vocalist/Voice Actor. Asuka briefly complains that Shinji did not come to rescue her and is running away from his problems and, irritated at his lack of response, starts walking away, before turning back and extracting Shinji physically, as he refuses to move. Within the series, she is designated as the Second Child and the pilot of the Evangelion Unit 02. "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project with Asuka Supplementing Project"), in which the player takes on the task of looking after Asuka and Rei Ayanami. [19][20] Asuka starts calling him "baka-Shinji", "stupid Shinji". [100][101] Her popularity increased after the release of the second Rebuild of Evangelion movie; in August and September 2009, she emerged in first place and remained the most popular female Neon Genesis Evangelion character in Newtype magazine popularity charts,[102][103] while in October she ranked tenth. [123], Asuka's character has been used for several merchandising items, such as life-size figures,[124] different action figures,[125] guitars,[126] clothes[127][128] and underwear, some of which immediately sold out. Even in the end, she would never step across the line and draw closer to me. Before fighting the 8th Angel, Asuka is unable to sleep due to anxiety, and she goes to Shinji's room and has a talk with him laying by his side, asking him why he pilots the Eva. pg 166 & 167 of "A Place For Asuka in the Heart", written by Yuko Miyamura in 1997, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse, List of Neon Genesis Evangelion characters, http://www.evamonkey.com/writings_miyamura01.php, "Interview with Yūko Miyamura – SMASH 2010", "Otakon Highlights - Evangelion Voice Actors - Aug. 7, 1998", "Angel-Sealing Hex Glyphs - EvaWiki - An Evangelion Wiki - EvaGeeks.org", "Transformers × Evangelion - Transformers Wiki", "When the Machines Stop: Fantasy, Reality, and Terminal Identity in, "What's The Best (And Worst) Anime Ending You've Ever Seen? [85] Asuka's infatuation also leads her to feel great jealousy for him and she eventually tries to seduce him. Her surname is romanized as Soryu in the English manga and Sohryu in the English version of the TV series, the English version of the film, and on Gainax's website. [132] In 2008 BROCCOLI released a videogame entitled Shin Seiki Evangelion: Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku with Asuka Hokan Keikaku (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン 綾波育成計画withアスカ補完計画, lit. [131] According to Japanese writer Kazuhisa Fujie, Asuka's figures have become so popular that they have run out of stock and have been put back on the market with a second edition. Stephanie McKeon is an Irish actress, vocalist, and voice actress. Her kind and childish side is the real reason for Asuka's charm". [44][45] Asuka faced her loss by immersing herself in pride, becoming indisposed to any kind of help or advice and adopting strength and self-affirmation as her only raison d'être. Asuka made appearances in various video games alongside other Evangelion characters such as in Neon Genesis Evangelion for the Nintendo 64 as well as the popular cross-over video game franchise Super Robot Wars, where she often butts heads with the equally hot-headed and intelligent Kouji Kabuto, the pilot of Mazinger Z and Mazinkaiser. The main series ends with her lying in a hospital bed in a catatonic state.[23][24]. Asuka survives Unit-03's destruction at the hands of the Dummy Plug system, but is last seen in urgent care. Beauparc House, In English, Asuka is voiced by Tiffany Grant in the ADV Films dub and by Stephanie McKeon in the Netflix dub. Early designs for Asuka by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. Asuka is voiced by Yūko Miyamura in Japanese in all animated appearances and merchandise. ", "One Piece's Luffy, DB's Goku Top Fuji TV's Anime/Tokusatsu Hero Poll", "7 Female Anime Directors Worth Checking Out", "Biglobe Poll: Moe Characters That Make You Go Crazy", "女子が好きな『新世紀エヴァンゲリオン』キャラクターTOP3/ 1位はなんとあの脇役!", "Japanese Fans Pick The Ladies Of Anime They'd Love To Marry... And The Ones They'd Rather Die Than Marry", "10 Greatest Female Pilots in Mecha Anime", "10 Classic Tsundere Characters In Shounen Anime", "Evangelion's Asuka Is One of the Most Fascinating Characters in Anime", "Why Asuka is One of the Best Anime Characters of All Time", "強気だけど弱い可憐な美少女「惣流・アスカ・ラングレー」『新世紀エヴァンゲリオン』", "Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of Evangelion", "Evangelion SIM-free smartphones and life-sized figures on sale at 7-Eleven", "Astro Toy With Rob Bricken: Evangelion Aerocat EX", "Rock on with Evangelion Guitar Cabinets, Bass Preamp", "Evangelion Plug Suit-Based Wetsuits for Sale in Japan", "Evangelion characters get their own clothing lines", "Asuka's official underwear sells out quickly on Evangelion's online store", "BOME Asuka Figure Gets US$7,000 Price Tag", "【モンスト】「エヴァンゲリオン」コラボ第3弾が開催!限定ガチャや「葛城ミサト」も新登場", "Neon Genesis Evangelion Revisits Puzzle & Dragons", "『ケリ姫スイーツ』と『エヴァンゲリオン』コラボが復活!「第13号機 疑似シン化」などの新キャラクターが登場", "セガゲームス、『ぷよぷよ! [80][81] She kisses Shinji in the fifteenth episode,[82] but when he beats her in synchronization tests she begins to develop a profound inferiority complex towards him.

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