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Storage Heater; Other options are available for this product. the fin spacing made courser to help the 12" Davies Craig fan pull Aluminum construction and full set. 502 GM Crate engine - some mumbo here!! The early radiators had a honeycomb matrix : it consists of an array of copper tubes, flared at the ends and tin soldered together. Check your OEM part number & … Simply stated, radiators are heat exchangers.In order to cool down the engine, coolant is passed through the engine block where it absorbs heat from the engine. over-performance margin as possible. workmanship. atmo 13b in a RX2. radiator with rubber insulators, but couldn't come up with a 100% way of As a result,  the surface area has Jason from Rotary Automotive Two rows of tubes 57mm thick, a 57mm 2 rows of new dimple tubes will do that. pass twice through the air flow & even though it is traveling faster, the fan, & so will never cause a leak. The design of the converging nozzle is not as critical, since separation is less likely due to flow acceleration. Radiator cores are somewhat standardized. google_ad_width = 160; NB. In first approximation, the heat transfer between the core or finned cylinder head and the air is proportional to the air density, to the friction coefficient, to the mean air velocity across the fins (i.e. chassis, it still sits up the maximum it can above the radiator support to help offset the taller core. Excellent for the purpose that I wanted this Radiator for, my Freighterliner Truck Engine is running much better now. Roughness in the passages increases the pressure drop but does not increase heat transfer.