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The next day, policemen arrive at the Gargery house, and Pip and Joe assist them in their search for the two convicts; the convict Pip helped, and another man (Note: that while Pip and Joe do assist in the search, Pip does not reveal any knowledge of either convict). ". e leaves thinking that Miss Havisham is his benefactor, and that he is being groomed into a gentleman, so that someday he may marry Estella. Pip becomes concerned with the man, and not the expectations that he could provide. As a result of Pip’s sudden inheritance, Pumblechook abruptly changes his attitude towards Pip and instead of insulting and condemning Pip, he endlessly praises Pip for his new lifestyle. He was able to do this by dressing Molly up to appear smaller than she actually was and explaining tampering with physical evidence. Upon discovering that Magwitch is his benefactor, a new phase begins in Pip’s moral evolution. Without this defense, he would probably go crazy. Magwitch is also very similar to Miss Havisham in his molding of Pip; his motives are dissimilar, however. Thus, the positive values which Joe had shown Pip as a child are reinforced. The reader can only cringe at Pumblechook’s unbelievably pompous demeanor because it is quite obvious that he had no hand in Pip’s good fortune. Pip finishes the chapter in misery over Estella and the lack of any accomplishment that is truly his own. Magwitch is motivated by gratitude, which Pip lacks. He is both the central character and narrarator of Great Expectations. When Pip is arrested for his debts and becomes too ill to go to prison, Joe tends to him. She is very aware of the manner in which Miss Havisham raised her. Joe is far more significant than the virtuous and kindly blacksmith he appears to be. When they were caught, it was brought out that Compeyson had funneled all of the funds through Magwitch and pinned him as the fall guy. After the ruination of Pip’s expectations, the only good he experiences comes directly from the only good he did for others while his expectations where intact. They both ran up huge debts and would occasionally count them up, but they never paid them, however. The fact that Pip becomes infatuated with her is also not Estella’s fault. He has become rich through his labors, however, and seeks to use his money to make Pip into a gentleman. Pip flnds out that Mr. Wopsle has become an actor in a local theater and also that Estella has returned from Paris and would be glad to see him. ” (Chapter 38). They both spent quite large amounts of money for very little, and were very unhappy. That intention, however, degrades into her training Estella to love no one and exact revenge from all men. She has an adopted daughter, Estella, with whom Pip becomes infatuated. Joe Gargery: Joe is the only one of Dickens’ characters who stands opposed to and apart from the main current of action. A few weeks later, Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s house. Pip rejuvenates with a fresh enthusiasm for life, beginning with a new optimistic perspective. He must go to the marshes alone. Mr. Pumblechook: Of all the distasteful characters in Great Expectations Pumblechook is definitely the most deplorable. Wemmick, when at his home, is a good example of what a true gentleman is, however, his character is somewhat adulterated by his change of character when at the office. This is a parallel situation to his childhood when his uncompassionate relatives questioned the absence of his gratitude and happiness at Christmas dinner. and any corresponding bookmarks? He discovers that she is an old, rich, and eccentric lady that seeks revenge on mankind. Joe and Biddy would never know how sorry I had been that night; none would ever know what I had suffered, how true I had meant to be, what an agony I had passed through. Miss Havisham: Miss Havisham was once a beautiful and desirable woman; however, by the time she is first encountered in the novel, she is far from being such. But alas, Pip must be completely humbled and familiar with suffering before any dramatic moral can appear: All the truth of my position came flashing on me; and its disappointments, dangers, disgraces, consequences of all kinds, rushed in in such a multitude that I was borne down by them and had to struggle for every breath I drew. Pip becomes the victim of Miss Havisham’s machination. Mrs. Joe is the initiating factor in Pip’s moral decline and it is very probable that Charles Dickens was attempting to speak about the problems he saw with the beating of children, and the aspirations that some parents place on their children (r foster children) to become more than they are. Estella is also quite intelligent. Through this death and resurrection, Pip clearly acknowledges the wonderful Christian morals and simple standards possessed by Joe. (Chapter 39, page 336) Just what is this tragic and fateful occurrence? In this chapter also, Pip learns of Ms. Havisham’s great need for him to love Estella and he once again thinks with regret about Joe, but only for a moment. Estella is scornful from the moment she is introduced, when she remarks on Pip’s coarse hands and thick boots. She was the victim of a clever scheme to cheat her out of wealth in which Compeyson, Magwitch’s mortal enemy, was involved.

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