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Hi! One of the reasons it is so good is due to their ingredients, they are all fresh and have an exceptional quality. Eat it straight, with fruits, add it on meals or make ayran or tarator. Well, it is one of the best and unique in the world. With 300k+ combined monthly visits of its network of websites, online stores and social media channels, Find BG Food is possibly the most visited website about Bulgarian cuisine, food, recipes, restaurants and stores anywhere in the world. We also feature the unique Nameday Reminder Service, which sends out email reminders whenever there is a Bulgarian nameday. Besides tomato and pepper it is made of onions, garlic, carrots and cumin, it can have a bit of spice. It looks a lot like babbaganush and has similar ingredients but it tastes a little more peppery. This is one of the most popular meals in Bulgaria which is not so famous outside the country. Enjoy a copy of our Classic Bulgarian Recipes cookbook on us with your purchase. Kyufte is a meatball made of minced pork or beef spiced with black pepper and cumin. They can be served both hot or cold to you liking. So, you will find plenty of common dishes with Turkish and Greek cuisine like Moussaka, Kebapche, Lokum, Banitsa. Bulgarians claim that it was invented in Bulgaria and that their yogurt is the best in the world. Although it is a Bulgarian national dish you will find variations of Banitsa in the Balkans. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All this comes with French fries, bean salad with chopped onions and lyutenitsa. It could be mild or spicy depending on the region and the likings. I’d expected Bulgarian food to be very heavy with lots of meat and greasy sauces. It can be served simple or with garlic, olive, and cheese. The Traditional Bulgarian Food: Main Courses Meshana Skara (Mixed Grill) The Meshana Skara is the holy grail of Bulgarian food, especially if you love meat. You will find lots of good restaurants that serve a variety of grilled fish or fried fish. No spam. You should buy from Bulgarian Food EUROPE if you are looking for an online store that provides a great selection of quality products at fair prices, and that goes above and beyond to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Lukanka is the Bulgarian cousin of the Italian sopresatta. This simple dessert is luscious and its secret lies in the ingredients. Tchorbadziiskava wasn’t the only Casserole dishes we ate there were so many good ones with different ingredients and sauces. Our Bulgarian Tarator was featured in The New York Times. This website is created and maintained by Kebapche is a grilled minced meat stick, usually made of a mixture of pork and beef and seasoned with black pepper and cumin. It was so good, the image speaks for itself. For shipping and deliveries to the rest of the world, please contact us. It was always on or around the marketplace where people gathered together to chat, meet, trade, socialize and make history.We’d like to think that our online store serves the same purpose for all who come here to buy Bulgarian food and drinks and stay in touch with the Bulgarian traditions.Happy shopping! Bulgarian cuisine (Bulgarian: българска кухня, romanized: bǎlgarska kuhnja) is a representative of the Mediterranean cuisine of Southeast Europe. The stew is made with pork, beef or chicken and a mixture of vegetables like onions, red peppers, mushrooms, carrot, tomato. The most frequent fishes (and seafood) are Sea Bass, Sea bream, Garfish, Sprat, Scads, Mussels and, Octopus. Besides Kavarma being delightful,  it is normally served in traditional colorful clay pots. Same as kebapche but contains chopped onions too. Shkembe (Tripe soup) is a type of Bulgarian soup. In fact it is a must have on every table where rakia is served. Yes, organs are a big thing there, but I’m telling you: you need to know about Bulgarian food. One of the Bulgarian dishes we most liked was fried Sprat and Scads. 100% privacy. Shipping per box starts at 25Eur. When it comes to range of selection, quality of products, sheer variety, fair prices, ease of shopping, personal attention to clients, and great customer service, we always come on top! You can grill, fry or bake it. Bulgarian: Шопска салата. Zelevi Sarmi (Stuffed Cabbage Leaves) is a type of Bulgarian meal. Basil also has a special place in Bulgarian cuisine. In fact, if you are buying a box (20+kg) we can send you in it pretty much any products that you would like as it will ship from Bulgaria. Kashkaval is the typical yellow cheese of Bulgaria. So buy with confidence! Lyutenitsa is a sauce-like spread that is made from tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants pureed together. Moussaka is made with potatoes, ground meat, and tomatoes then it is topped with a white sauce and baked. The Shepherd Salad is exactly like Shopska salad, but it’s added ham, yellow cheese (yes more cheese), mushroom and eggs. Another variation of stuffed peppers is fried peppers stuffed with cheese and whisked eggs. We process your order quickly and send it out often on the very same day. It is seasoned with black pepper, paprika, summer savory, and parsley, and let to cook for 3 hours. We will be happy to send you some amazing offers, discounts & insider deals. Lyut in Bulgarian means hot as in spicy, hence lyutenitsa. Instead, I discovered that Bulgarian cuisine is pretty diverse. So he managed to discover this specific lactic bacteria strain which was indigenous to Bulgaria, hence the name. You got to love the Bulgarian, their yogurt is super delicious, but this was a bit too hardcore for us. Always a winner. As we said before the secret for Bulgarian food being so delicious is the fresh Bulgarian products and seasoning. It’s a slow-cooked stew done in a clay pot. Order some online today! Our Bulgarian Tarator was featured in The New York Times. Kavarma is one of Bulgaria’s most famous and traditional dishes. This spice is the definition of Bulgarian taste, no other country uses it like in Bulgaria. Yogurt topped with honey and walnuts – simple food with quality ingredients. Find BG Food is a leading online provider of information about Bulgarian cuisine, food, recipes, restaurants and stores all over the world. It is so tasteful that you will want to eat it with everything. It's pretty much what it says - green or red peppers stuffed with ground beef or pork and rice and boiled. Not only is it the most popular Bulgarian salad but is also named after a big group of very frugal people called shopi who live in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. If you like Dolmas you are guaranteed to love this meal too. Goes perfectly well with beer or rakia. Go great with wine. Traditional Bulgarian food is mostly famous for its variety of cheese, yogurt and quality vegetables. If not, your taste buds are seriously missing out. Almost all Bulgarian dishes include parsley. With creamy white cheeses, crispy fried foods and entrées baked in clay pots, this cozy food will have you dreaming of forested hills and meadows of sheep in no time. It has to be grilled otherwise you will get something different which probably will not be called kebapche (for comparison kyufte can also be fried).

Mcdonald's Value Menu Canada 2020, Buttermilk Vs Yogurt Nutrition, Gravity's Rainbow Review, Fantasy Football Player Profiles, The Curse Netflix, Space Magazine Architecture, Maven Project In Eclipse, Rainfall Maryborough Qld Next 14 Days,