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and . Between . Local 095 represents General Support Services (GSS) employees of Alberta Health Services (AHS) in the Calgary area.

Save Advanced Education.

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The Essay topic(s) are chosen annually by AUPE Local 54 Council.

When our solidarity is under attack, we fight back – more united than ever, in defence of public services, our communities and the causes that unite us.

AUPE Members Fight Back! endobj

%PDF-1.7 Local 054 represents General Support Services (GSS) employees of Alberta Health Services (AHS) in the Edmonton region. C. Dickson Union Ingoing Proposal February 11, 2020 Legend The Union proposal is made in an Article per page format for ease of reference The Left Margin of a page will identify where changes are being proposed and will include ADM Expires March 31, 2020 . Collective Agreement . If you are not a member of the site yet, please register - we'd … Instructions Please enter your information and click 'Login'. Alberta Union of Provincial Employees . Alberta Health Services .

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